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Nov 03, 2022

How to Create an Influencer/Creator Media Kit

If you want to monetize your content via partnerships, read this blog post to learn more about how to create a well-crafted media kit that can help you.

Most creators dream of working with their favorite brands, whether by pitching a sponsored opportunity or a brand reaching out directly. Whichever way the collaboration conversation is started, there is one thing that you’ll need to have on hand—a media kit detailing everything a brand needs to know about your brand. If you want to monetize your content via partnerships, read this blog post to learn more about how a well-crafted media kit can help you.  

What is an Influencer/Creator Media Kit?

Simply put, a media kit is a document influencers and content creators use to pitch and position themselves for brand partnerships. A media kit is somewhat like a resume but more robust. Everything that a brand would need to know to consider a creator for collaboration lies inside a media kit. And, of course, photos and such to make it aesthetically pleasing.

What Should I Include in a Media Kit?

Before sharing precisely what information should go in your media kit, it’s important to mention that this document should be on brand. Ensure that your logo, brand colors, and other branding elements are present. If you don’t have a logo, you can use Streamlabs Logo Maker (free, FYI) to help seal the deal on creating your unique brand. Below is what to include in your media kit. 

A Brief Bio

A media kit should always start with introducing yourself, the purpose behind your brand/platform(s), and what makes you and your brand unique. Though potential sponsors, to some extent, do care about the numbers, they also need to ensure that the person they’re working with aligns with their brand. Proudly share your brand story!

Ways a Brand Can Work With You

Your media kit is not the time to be modest–it’s time for you to share what you can do as a creator and to flex hard about your work. Think of ways you can work with brands that are mutually beneficial, and make sure to emphasize the value working with you can add to their business. Below are examples of things you should include in your media kit (if you’re open to working with brands in these ways, of course.)

  • Product gifting opportunities
  • Dedicated reviews
  • Sponsored Content
  • Co-hosted giveaways
  • In-Person events

Social Metrics

Before we delve into metrics, let us start by saying that you should not feel like the numbers will make or break the opportunity to work with the brand of your dreams. The truth is that brands are open to working with creators of all sizes. If you’re able to create quality content, build an authentic audience, and remain consistent, brands will be open to collaborating with you even if you don’t have a large following, tons of likes, or other forms of social currency that we’ve been conditioned to believe is the end all be all.

Examples of social metrics to include in your media kit:

  • Number of followers on your platforms
  • Impressions
  • Average likes/views/shares
  • Engagement rates
  • Top-performing posts/content

Audience Demographics

For a brand collaboration to work, you must ensure your content speaks to the people they’re trying to reach. In other words, your audience needs to A. be similar to that of the brand or B. expose the brand to a demographic that they want to reach. Below are some key demographics to include. 

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests

Examples of Work or Previous Campaigns

If this isn’t your first rodeo partnering with a brand, let them know by sharing results (and, of course, the content) for them to see for themselves what you can do., If you’ve never worked with a brand, share some content you’re proud of. Just remember to brief the brand on the purpose of the content, the desired outcome, and results/learnings. 


While testimonials aren’t a pertinent part of a media kit, showing that other people can vouch for your work is a great way to further prove that you’re the right creator for a brand to partner with. Testimonials can come from either brands you’ve worked with or your audience sharing what they love about your content and how it has helped them in some way. Get creative!

Contact Information

If you’re already sharing your media kit brand, the person on the receiving end already has your email address, at the very least. However, it doesn’t hurt to include all your contact information (i.e. Email address, phone number, etc.) 

How to Create a Media Kit?

There isn’t just one way to create a media kit. Below are some beginner-friendly options. 


No matter if it’s streaming or creating a media kit, we stand by working smarter and not harder. That is why we’re such huge fans of Canva, a browser-based graphic design program that makes creating visual assets as simple as pie. On Canva, you can find a bunch of media kit templates to get started making yours today. You can choose from a host of free templates or have the option to upgrade to a monthly subscription (from $12.95 per month) to get access to more templates and customization options. 


Speaking of fillable templates, Etsy is a good platform for purchasing an al la carte media kit template if you prefer not to sign up for a Canva subscription. On Etsy, you can find media kit templates as low as $3 and some geared explicitly towards influencers to make your job even easier. Just double-check how the template will be delivered and in what format. Your best bet are those sent as fillable PDFs.   


Though Fohr is an influencer marketing platform primarily designed to help brands connect with influencers for upcoming opportunities, it is also an excellent way for influencers and creators to put their content, social stats, etc., directly in front of brands with collaboration opportunities. Fohr allows you to connect your social platforms and does a ton of the work of calculating engagement rates, top-performing posts, and growth rates. You can also add pertinent information to your profile, such as your pricing for content, a bio, and testimonials. Fohr is a great tool to use alone for sponsored opportunities or in addition to a media kit. 

Google Slides

The great thing about technology today is that we have so many completely free tools that make our lives (especially as creators) easy. Google Slides, a cloud-based presentation maker similar to Microsoft Powerpoint, is also a great way to make a media kit. Each slide can be dedicated to a specific page of your media kit. Most importantly, you can share it with brand reps by simply dropping the link to the presentation or sharing it as a downloaded PDF with clickable links (if needed). 


Consider Keynote yet another presentation tool (Similar to Google Slides) that is free for Mac users. Generally speaking, this app is already included on Apple devices so it’s only right that you give it a spin before moving to a different platform. Similarly to Google Slides, Keynote presentations can be downloaded as a PDF with clickable links. 

No matter which route you take for creating your media kit, make sure that it’s a true representation of your content and highlights why a brand should be excited to work with you. Additionally, if you have a website such as a Streamlabs Creator Site, don’t hesitate to mention that your media kit is available upon request. This is also something that you can mention in the bio portion of a link in bio tool such as Willow aka a hub for all your most important links and contact info. Make it a habit of pitching yourself to brands but also make it easy for them to reach out to you for partnerships by having all of your ducks in a row. 

Though creating a media kit may seem a bit daunting at first, there are a ton of tools that you can use to make it as simple as possible. Not to mention, once you create it, all you have to do is update it periodically. Try creating a media kit and Tweet us to let us know how it goes.

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