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Oct 08, 2018

Futureproofing your content from takedowns and demonetization through cleared music!

Monstercat is the convergence of a new-age independent label, tech startup and media company. We empower creative people, musicians…

Last Updated on October 11, 2018

Monstercat is the convergence of a new-age independent label, tech startup and media company. We empower creative people, musicians, artists, developers, entrepreneurs, and influencers young and old. Throughout our history, we have looked at the problems within the music industry, asked “why not” and have created the “how to”. There are many wonderfully talented content creators who deserve a chance for exposure, and we’re happy to play a role in helping them develop their careers.

We believe in an open creative economy that allows for musicians and content creators to grow and monetize their work. Having the rights to music used in streaming content is extremely vital in today’s world. Without those rights, streamers put their livelihoods at risk as major labels and DSPs have become more stringent with music rights usage. Most platforms have strict policies that are put into place and enforced not because they necessarily want to, but because there are governing bodies for every territory that believe they are doing their best to protect creatives even when it can potentially stifle growth and creativity.


With the growth of user-generated media content across all platforms exploding year after year, the market for collecting royalties on unauthorized works grows with it. It is evident that one day, technologies will be implemented to make it virtually impossible to use musical works without permission and not be at risk of penalties that include demonetization, content blocks or platform bans.

In 2011, YouTube Multi-Channel Network partnerships for content monetization were in full-swing along with Content ID from major labels. This led to the devastation of channels with copyright strikes, full channel takedowns, and lawsuits. At Monstercat, we saw an opportunity to empower such channels, while also supporting the growth of our musicians, and launched our partner program. This gave YouTube content creators peace of mind from these startling changes. This program was developed to allow influential YouTubers to request access to use our catalog for their videos and maintain access to their monetization in return for music credits back to our artists. This program helped many of our artists gain the necessary exposure to become breakout acts, and in turn make their part-time passions into full-time careers.

In 2013, we launched a portal on Monstercat.com called Monstercat Connect (now Monstercat Gold) allowing Partner Program members to access our entire catalog.


In 2014, Twitch implemented Audible Magic channel-muting across all VODs. Within a few hours, Monstercat expanded our Partner Program to influential Twitch streamers to protect their VOD content.

Even to this day, we still read news about music industry lawsuits and DMCA takedowns due to unauthorized use of music. While creative property of artists and labels should be respected, especially commercially, there are models that can allow for artist growth and creative monetization.

At Monstercat, we have witnessed first-hand the importance of empowering creators and in turn supporting our artists. This mission served as the origin of the Monstercat Creator License now bundled into Monstercat Gold which allows any independent creator across YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer to unlock our catalog for monetized use, while also directly supporting our artists through the Gold subscription. Artists are paid proportionally to the amount of times their content is accessed for use in creators’ content.


Monstercat Gold subscribers were then introduced to other perks, such as a private Discord channel on the Monstercat server, early access and discounts to the Monstercat Shop, exclusive reddit flairs, and Gold-exclusive merchandise. Thanks to this mutually beneficial platform, creators get access to thousands of top-tier tracks, and our artists receive a steady stream of revenue. Without restrictive boundaries set, streamers can engage freely with the music they love and artists can explore a realm of new creative options.

Speaking of our artists, we have the privilege to work with incredibly talented and passionate individuals. Some are internationally best-selling acts with fans around the world. Others are newer on the scene who are excited to make a name for themselves. All are deserving of credit, and the extra freedom of a steady source of revenue that affords them the opportunity to live out their dreams.

The excellent team at Streamlabs is on a similar mission as ours, to help streamers turn their passions into a business. For years they’ve been making tools that enable you to grow your audience, engage with your network, and monetize through your channel(s). We’re excited to be working more closely with Streamlabs and have some awesome plans for the future. We’re very happy that our new relationship has allowed us a chance to say hello to all of you — we look forward to being a part of your journey!

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