Since the early days of Twitch, broadcasting live video games has been a popular pastime for gamers worldwide. For many, it’s a fun and social way to connect with friends and fans while doing something they love. But as anyone who has ever streamed for more than a few hours can attest, it can also be mentally and emotionally taxing.

It’s not always easy to put on a happy face and entertain your viewers for hours on end. And when things don’t go according to plan, it can be easy to get stressed out or even burnt out. So how do successful streamers manage the mental and emotional challenges that come with the territory?

In this post, we talk to actual streamers to explore how they manage stress and fatigue. From setting boundaries to seeking professional help, they share their stories and offer advice that any streamer can use to stay healthy and happy. Stay tuned!



“Be okay with taking breaks. Finding the right balance with streaming and having a life outside your stream is key to making it in the long run. Don’t get burnt out. Let yourself breathe and come back and be refreshed to stream and make more content.

Also it’s nice to have a schedule and adhere to it but if you find yourself feeling bad because you can’t stay consistent, that’s okay. Loosen up your “schedule” so you don’t feel pressured if you miss a day or you’re late or whatever the circumstance.”



“Set a manageable and achievable schedule/work goal. You don’t need to stream all day every day to grow or be successful. Rest is important, too, as tiredness and burnout shows while you’re live. 💜”



“I started meditation Sundays. For about 4hrs, I run a visual aid along with rhythmic drumming or music like such. It’s meant for anyone to come in and just listen. Or even meditate for a little bit. Dealers choice. Give folks a break from the week or a good start to a week.”



“Streaming with depression/anxiety is a hard thing to do. It’s even harder when you are very small. The will to continue fades in and out. I have tried to take my friend’s advice as of late though, and that is: do what makes you happy. I have found this to be solid advice.”



“For me, mental health is a big issue. Some of my long term supporting followers who are my friends know this since I suffer with it greatly on a day to day basis, from the struggles of my anxiety to depressive mindset to fear of constant breakdowns feeling my emotions will ruin my stream, which is has done a few times because of reasons in the past, sometimes even the smallest thing can trigger, and I just want to break down, but for now I’m glad I have a supportive community who helps me and is there for me when I need them 💛

I don’t think I would have gotten this far without them, honestly. There are a few people individually who I personally thank for helping me cope like for real.”

Christopher Meyers


Chris is a Technical Support trainer on the Streamlabs Streamer Success team. As a partnered streamer and someone who talks to streamers every day, he’s got a unique perspective on how to handle mental fatigue and stress from streaming.

“One of the biggest issues content creators face when dealing with burnout is the pressure to stay relevant. Some of the ways I have learned to handle my fatigue and burnout while still maintaining my community are by implementing Community Days, these can be things like hanging out in a Discord and watching a movie with members of your community, having a QA, or more. These allow you to take the pressure off of streaming for the day, while still being involved with your viewers.

Some more ways I’ve learned to handle fatigue and burnout throughout my career are setting a firm schedule, and giving myself ample time to decompress and relax, this may be hard to accept at first, but your community will accept it, and it will allow you to present the best version of yourself to your viewers and detox.”

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