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Aug 09, 2022

Best Headset and Mic Combos for Xbox Streaming

Stream directly from your Xbox (and your sofa) today with one of these awesome headsets with built-in microphones. We've listed 7 of our favorites for you to check out.

Last Updated on November 30, 2022

If you’ve got an Xbox and want to try live streaming from it, you’re going to need a microphone. While you can certainly use a separate mic, purchasing a headset with a built-in microphone is the easiest way to go. Gamers already know that headphones lead to a more immersive experience and streamers know that headphones are required so viewers don’t hear a cacophony of echoed game sounds. To get the best bang for your buck (and save you the hassle of connecting a separate mic) check out our favorite headsets with built-in microphones for Xbox streaming.

Best Overall: Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

An image of the Astro A50 Gaming Headphones in Black

The easy winner for the best of the best, top-of-the-line headphones for gaming and streaming with an Xbox—allow us to present the A50 Wireless Headset from Astro Gaming. It’s hard to choose a favorite feature when it comes to this masterpiece of a headset: could it be the ultra sleek, luxurious design, the unidirectional, voice isolating mic, or the cinematic listening experience that only an Astro headset can bring? Perhaps it is the base station, which will charge the A50s while displaying them beautifully next to your beloved Xbox.

The A50 headset includes a 2 year activation code for Dolby Atmos, a revolutionary audio experience that will truly immerse you in your game (just don’t forget that you’re streaming!). When you’re done gaming for the day on your Xbox, bring the versatile A50s over to your PC or Mac and enjoy them there. Your ears will be in audiophile heaven with the A50s, an innovative work of art designed for gamers and streamers who don’t want to settle for anything less than perfection. 

Note: Microsoft has proprietary Bluetooth technology, so be sure to select the “Xbox version” of the A50s when you make your purchase to ensure compatibility.

Best Overall (Runner Up): Astro A40 Wired Headset

An image of the Astro A40 headphones in black

All the benefits of an Astro headset in a wired version, the A40 comes in at a nice price of around $150 USD. This headset was designed for streamers and esports competitors, so you can trust that it will perform flawlessly as well as remain comfortable for long periods of time. Excellent, pro-quality audio and a variety of cool customization options makes this headset a crowd favorite (hence the large number of 5 star reviews). If you’re itching to get your hands on an Astro headset but can’t grab the A50s, we think you’ll be very satisfied with the A40 headset.

Best Budget (Winner): Logitech G335 Wired Headset

Image of the Logitech G335 headphones in black, white, and mint

At just under $50 USD when on sale, we love the G335 wired headset from Logitech. A lightweight unit with an adjustable suspension band, the G335 is as comfy as can be. This headset comes in a variety of colors including fresh white with blue accents, cool mint, or sleek black—the colored headband is reversible too! If you want to personalize your G335s even further, Logitech offers a variety of colored headbands to suit your mood as well as pop filters for the microphone.

Fun aesthetics aside, the G335 is an affordable headset that doesn’t skimp on quality. Not only does the G335 provide terrific, clear sound, the Discord approved mic can be flipped up to instantly mute. The 3.5mm connector means you can plug and play this headset with anything that has a headphone jack, including your Xbox. 

Best Budget (Runner Up): Turtle Beach Recon 70 Wired Headset

Image of a black and green Turtle Beach Recon 70 headset

Turtle Beach headsets have been synonymous with Xbox consoles for years. Xbox users from way back will appreciate the nostalgia that a Turtle Beach headset brings, particularly the Recon 70 with its classic “Xbox green” accents. The best part: this quality headset is really inexpensive (around $50 USD). Perfect for gamers on a budget, beginners, or kids, the Recon 70 connects to the Xbox via a 3.5mm jack. This headset also features a flip-to-mute microphone for added convenience.

Best for Smaller Heads: Logitech Aurora G735 Wireless Headset

Image of the Logitech Gaming G735 Aurora wireless headset

If you’re tired of headphones being too large, you need to check out the drop dead gorgeous Aurora G735 Wireless Headset from Logitech. As comfortable as it is beautiful, this headset features cushy, rotatable ear cups that are perfect for glasses and earrings wearers. Soft, customizable RGB lighting, nice battery life (16 hours—more if RGB is turned off), and Blue VO!CE technology featured in Logitech’s award winning microphones rounds out the ethereal G735 headset.

The headset itself is a clean, elegant white with the option to customize the headphone cups and mic arm to Dawn Pink or Green Flash. Pair this headset with the Aurora collection keyboard (complete with cloud wrist rest!) and mouse and you’ll have the dreamiest setup around—just try not to fall asleep from all the cozy vibes.

 Note: This headset will need to be connected to the Xbox via a 3.5mm jack and can be used wirelessly with other devices (PC, Mac, etc.).

Best Wireless: Steelseries Arctis 9X

Image of Steelseries Arctis 9X in black and green

The Arctis range is renowned for its wireless capabilities, and the Arctis 9X especially designed for Xbox is no exception. The aesthetics of this headset are simple and unassuming but the high quality retractable mic, impressive battery life (20 hours), and superior wireless connectivity means there’s more to this headset than meets the eye. You can even take calls while gaming with the Arctis 9X (though not advised while streaming, for obvious reasons). 

It’s important to understand that due to Xbox’s proprietary technology, not all Bluetooth headsets are compatible with the console. The Arctis 9X, unlike the other headsets in the Arctis series, is an exception to this rule. Always check to make sure that a headset is compatible with your Xbox before purchasing. 

Best Wired: Razer Kraken Wired Headset

Image of the Razer Kraken series wired headsets in various colors

The Razer Krakens have been popular with gamers since they debuted almost ten years ago. The gel cushioned cups and retractable mic make this a great headset for streaming. The Kraken wired headset has been tried and tested and comes at a great price (around $80 USD). Available in a variety of colors, you can easily find a Razer Kraken that will match your setup. Though this particular version doesn’t have RGB, its 3.5mm jack ensures compatibility with Xbox (as opposed to USB connections, which are not always supported by the console). 

We hope we’ve made your quest for choosing a headphone/microphone combo to stream with your Xbox a little bit easier. When it comes to Xbox, not all headsets are created equal so you need to be sure your headset is compatible before purchasing. You’ll also need to add your microphone as a source in your streaming software of choice. Check out our article on how to add an external mic to Streamlabs Studio, the streaming software for Xbox that lets you add alerts and overlays to give your streams a professional look. Stay safe and happy streaming!

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