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Jun 26, 2018

🔴 Live — B.Y.O.M = Buy Your Own Merch for 25% Off!

Just click Your Store Link from your Merch dashboard:

Last Updated on October 09, 2018

Just click Your Store Link from your Merch dashboard:

BRANDING — there is nothing more important to streaming than building your brand. From your logo to your personality, viewers are absorbing everything you put out. Make sure your merch has the same quality and consistency. Be the brand, live it!

Merch by @blackbeard.gg

ADVERTISING — ever heard the saying “walking billboard”? The more you display your merch, the more people are enticed to buy into it and support you. These days, there needs to be a sense of trust before making a purchase — so wear your own merch to encourage your fans to buy and rep it IRL!

Merch by @fantismo

CONFIDENCE — Think of merch as putting on your armor before going to battle! Call it placebo or what you will, but either way there’s no denying that “leveled-up” feeling you get when you’re repping a shirt with your logo on it.

Merch by @sheananiganzgaming

Now go on, invest in yourself, build your brand, and we will continue to help provide you all the tools necessary to growing your stream!

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