How to Make Money Via Subscriptions

Unlike tips or donations, subscriptions provide you with a more reliable source of income. If you want to become a full-time streamer, you’ll need this supplemental revenue to assist you along the way.

In this section, we will be discussing how you can monetize your live stream through subscriptions. We’ll specifically discuss the benefits and differences between Twitch subscriptions, YouTube Channel Memberships, and Facebook Fan Subscriptions. We will also discuss how to persuade your viewers to invest in your content and what benefits you can provide to convince them to stay subscribed.

How to Make Money Via Subscriptions

Subscriptions at a Glance

Twitch Subscriptions YouTube Channel Membership Facebook Fan Subscription
$4.99, $9.99, $24.99
Starting at 4.99, with the ability to customize price points
As of August 2020 and for the next year, Facebook will not be taking any fees from Fan Subscriptions.
Twitch streamers must be either a Twitch Affiliate or a Twitch Partner.
Visit our guide for tips to help you become an affiliate
30,000 subscribers; Gaming channels must have at least 1,000
Member of YouTube Partner Program
10,000 followers or 250+ Return Viewers and one of the following in the last 60 days:
- 50,000 Post Engagements
- 180,000 watch minutes
Twitch Subscriptions at a Glance

Twitch Subscriber Benefits

There are a few “built-in” perks, but many streamers add a few bonus ones for those who support them monetarily. These are as follows:

  • Ad-Free Viewing – As a subscriber, Twitch will not force you to watch ads before you start watching a stream (with limited exceptions).
  • Sub-Badges – Custom badges are unlocked when you subscribe to a streamer. Badges are displayed next to a viewer's name when they participate in the channel's chat. Streamers can customize badges, and viewers will generally receive new badges the longer they stay subscribed. You start with the 1-month badge and get new badges for three months, six months, etc.
  • Emotes – Once a streamer reaches affiliate status, custom emotes become available. It is a fantastic way to reinforce your branding as a streamer because viewers can use them across all Twitch channels. The number of subscribers a streamer has dictates the number of emotes a streamer can have.
  • Sub-Only Chat/Streams – Occasionally, a streamer will host a sub-only stream. Hosting a stream for your most dedicated viewers is a great way to encourage viewers to sub. During these streams, only subscribers can view the broadcast. Streamers can also set their chat to "subscribers only."
Twitch Subscriber Benefits

Facebook Fan Subscription Benefits

There are a few “built-in” perks, but many streamers add a few bonus ones for those who support them monetarily. These are as follows:

  • Exclusive content: Publish posts, videos, and other content exclusively to your most loyal supporters. Exclusive content generally includes:
  • Supporter-only polls or Q&As: give supporters more ways to engage and interact with you.
  • Behind-the-scenes: Give viewers a look at the production and day to day activity of your live stream.
  • Exclusive live videos: Private live videos can provide an opportunity to answer questions and gain feedback from your community.
  • Discounts: Provide discount codes for merch, events, or other products through supporter only messages or posts.

In addition to these benefits, you can also provide supporters with:

  • Recognition with shout outs in public posts.
  • Early access to your content with supporter-only Premieres or Watch Parties that later go public.
Facebook Fan Subscription Benefits

YouTube Channel Membership Benefits

Different perks are available based on the various membership levels available. Streamers can offer multiple membership levels, which all have different prices. Remember, perks build on each other. The highest-priced membership levels will have access to the perks offered at lower-priced levels.

  • Members-only Community posts - Use the community tab to share content only with members. You can also share Community posts with members at specific levels.
  • Members-only video - Set videos that can only be seen by your members. Anyone can find a members-only video, but only members at the right level(s) can watch it.
  • Members-only live streams - Share a live stream exclusively with your members. Members will be notified when you post a link to the live stream with a members-only post in Community.
  • Members-only live chat - Make the chat members-only during public live streams. Everyone can still view the live stream, but only members will be able to post chats.
  • Custom channel badges - Members will stand out in live chat, comments, and the Community tab via exclusive members-only badges
  • Custom emoji - Members will gain access to one or more exclusive custom emoji that can be sent via YouTube in video comments. It can also be sent in any of your live chats.
YouTube Channel Membership Benefits

How to Convince Viewers to Subscribe

Setting unique perks for viewers is a great way to convince others to invest in your content. These will vary from channel to channel, but some of the most common perks include:

  • Exclusive Chatroom on Discord – Many streamers create exclusive discord servers for their subscribers and members.
  • Play with Viewers – some streamers set aside days where they play games with their subscribers.
  • Competitions/Giveaways – Streamers can create special contests or giveaways for their subscribers. These are their way of giving back to their supportive community.
  • Custom Subscriber Alerts – Create unique alerts that only play when someone subscribes to your channel. Streamlabs makes setting up alerts easy, so be sure to read our guide to learn how to start creating unique alerts.