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Additional Ways to Help You Make Money

For most content creators, tips and subscriptions offer the most direct way for viewers to support them. However, there are a myriad of other ways to add supplemental income as a content creator. Ask yourself, "why should my viewers support me?" The answer: because of the value you demonstrate to your audience. For some creators, being incredibly skilled at a game or having a unique and entertaining personality is enough. But it helps to show value in other ways. This article presents other products and services you can use to earn extra revenue than just tips and subscriptions alone.

Additional Ways to Help You Make Money

Open a Merch Store

Adding a merch store to your streaming profile can increase your revenue and significantly help you succeed as a streamer. It allows your fans to purchase custom apparel and showcase your brand in real-life. Streamlabs Merch store feature is one of the easiest ways to set up an online storefront. Set up only takes minutes, and it's entirely free to sell t-shirts, mugs, and hoodies. Streamlabs handles printing, packing, and ships all over the world.

Looking for more ways to maximize sales with your merch store? You can read our blog to learn five proven strategies to sell more merchandise online.

Additional Ways to Help You Make Money

Amazon Blacksmith

If you stream on Twitch, your viewers may be interested in the gear you use. With Amazon Blacksmith, you can make a list of the products you like and share them with your community. When someone purchases a product from the list, you'll earn some revenue. Amazon Blacksmith is a Twitch extension that you can download and is available as Panel, Component, or Overlay. Twitch Partners and Affiliates get higher commission rates for particular products purchased via Amazon Blacksmith links. Click here to see the exclusive promotional rates for Partners and Affiliates.

Additional Ways to Help You Make Money

Create Exclusive Content

If you are the type of creator with an established community, you may want to consider creating exclusive content. One of the easiest ways to do that is through Patreon.

Patreon is a paid membership platform for content creators of all kinds. Patreon allows you to customize the benefits your community members receive. The most common perks include exclusive live-streamed content, exclusive forums for community members to talk to each other, community messaging for creators to chat with their audience, gated video content, and more.

You can also completely customize the content you offer depending on what your audience wants from you.

Additional Ways to Help You Make Money

Create More Content

Between newsletters, blogs, vlogs, YouTube videos, clips, and highlights, you can create a ton of content. Each new video or piece of writing is a way to get you in front of your community members and keep you top of mind. The more content you make, the more your audience will want to support you. Don't be afraid to plug your tip page. Creating content takes time and effort. Your audience will be more likely to lend a supporting hand if you can demonstrate that to them.