Having the right mindset to grow as a streamer

Growing as a streamer is not just about having the right gear. It’s also about having the right mindset. This last chapter is a bit more philosophical but important to bring up as you start your journey as a professional streamer.

Having the right mindset to grow as a streamer

Take action

Action = progress. This may not always seem obvious. Often your actions will seem like they are resulting in nothing as you continuously sit on zero viewers. Sometimes your actions will bring pain as people ridicule you for taking a risk and pursuing a career as a creator. But it will result in progress.

Fundamental laws of physics dictate that energy transfer from a source is equal to the amount of work done. So, let’s do the work! Eventually, this work will move you towards the goal. There is one certain thing, doing nothing will not move you forward. So start!


Treat all actions as experiments. Try, fail, learn, and move forward. Try an overlay for your stream. Try a different title. Try a different greeting for your viewer. Try a different panel design. Try another streaming software. Try a new alert sound! Try! You get a B for trying and moving forward. You get an A+ for documenting your learnings and running each attempt as a controlled experiment.

For this to be a true experiment, you should write down what you want to achieve, what you think will happen (your hypothesis), set a goal you can measure, and set a time constraint. After, you should review and reflect. Did you get to the goal? Great! Continue. Did you not meet the expected outcome? Also, good. What did you learn?

Focus on the 20%

80/20. This is known as the Pareto principle, and it means that 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes. In our case, this may mean that the top things that will get you your first followers are what you choose to stream about and your stream title. Yes, your streaming software, your overlays, your private discord server, your panel design - these things all matter - but it’s critical to recognize what the 20% is and nail that first. Yes, everything matters, but some things matter more than others. Figure out what the 20% is for you and don’t let go of that.


Be disciplined

Earlier we mentioned how important it is to take action and start somewhere. Doing something is the key to moving forward. However, as critical as starting is, acting one time is not enough. That is not how you win. That is not how you get partnered or get your first 100 CCV. A hyper-productive and thoughtful start is a prerequisite, but the secret to success is discipline. Discipline is what will propel you forward — continuous action — continuously chipping away at the sub-tasks in your 90-day plan.

There is no shortcut to success. There is only hard work, discipline, thoughtful action, experiments, learning, failure, and then growth.

Discipline comes from within. There is no motivational poster or song. Nobody is hovering over you, forcing you to read this or judging you for not. There is no external influence or root cause of discipline. The only person that can control your mind and your actions is you. You need to make a conscious choice to be disciplined, to be happy, and to do the right things to move towards your goal. Nobody else can do this but you.

Stay consistent. Do at least one thing every single day to move closer towards your goal. You are in control of your success.

Be disciplined

Celebrate small successes

We know that the path forward will be full of obstacles and failures. In the words of Winston Churchill, “Success is going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.” That is precisely why it is so important to give yourself props. Celebrate the wins. The smallest success for you today is progress towards your goal.

It doesn’t matter how little it is. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is to celebrate this win when others might be achieving this daily. None of this matters because we are focused on you. And for you this week, you managed to get your first follower, or you got your first squad win with the new team, or you pushed yourself to analyze the game or to analyze your stream so that you can get better. All of these are successes.

Figure out what are the things worthy of celebration and do it! A celebration can be as simple as acknowledging that you made progress. Pause and reflect on your achievement. It can also involve a physical object or an indulgence of some kind. Your call.

Own your failures

It is you and you alone who is making the decisions and moving forward. You control your attitude and your actions, so you should own all your failures. Why? Because absolving yourself of responsibility and shrugging off failure is not a path forward. It is a method to stand in one place. If you do not own your failures, you will be unable to learn from them. These failures present an excellent lesson for us, and the more significant the failure, the more valuable the lesson. To extract the lesson, you must look inward and hold yourself responsible.

Embrace the truth

Truth is essential. Truth is freedom and growth. Big words, but it is true. How can you know what to improve if you don't know where you are weak? How can you analyze and systematically improve your broadcast if you don’t see the issue? What is the reason why people leave after they join? Why am I not growing? Why am I stuck at this ranking as a player? How can I move forward? Truth sets us free and moves us forward. Truth is essential to achieving good outcomes.

Embrace the truth

Don't let fear stop you

Often, we want to be popular. We think that others may ridicule us for trying. We believe that we are not skilled. That fear of being ridiculed, of being unpopular, of coming off as “bad” in the eyes of others, it will stop us from trying. Shut down that fear.

Do not let future worries stop you from achieving your goal. Do not let the things that are outside your control stop you from succeeding. Your goal to grow as a creator and to build a fantastic community around you supersedes all these doubts.

Practice being open-minded

Someone challenging your view is okay. Ask questions. Be curious about what could be better. Always strive to see things through other people’s eyes. Having an open mind will help you become a stronger creator.

Have an open mind to every task. From what PC to build, to what should be the theme of your stream, to what your community is saying. Maybe you started with plan X, and now the feedback from the community is that they prefer that you do X+Y. Have an open mind and try X+Y. See what happens.

Twitch is where you see the most activity, but what happens if you try other platforms? Having an open mind, especially when it comes to your blind spots as a creator, is a path to growth.

You must be willing to fight to get to the truth.