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Content Ideas to Live Stream on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube

Inevitably you may want to switch up the type of content you show on your stream. While playing the same game can help you establish a great community, eventually, you'll probably get tired of playing the same game.

At the end of the day, your dedicated viewer will come to watch you. They want to engage and interact with you, and streaming different content is a great way to get your community involved in ways they may not expect. Below is a list of ideas that you should consider incorporating to expand your stream's variety of content.

Content Ideas to Live Stream on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube

Play an old game:

Everyone has their list of favorite games as a kid or teenager. Chances are your viewers played the same games too. You can tap into that feeling of nostalgia while reminiscing with your chat about the great games you played as kids. There is a bonus here if you are a new streamer. Playing older games means fewer people are streaming. If you want to expand your viewer base, streaming old games is a great way to get some eyes on your channel. There is always going to a niche of people with the same interests as you. By playing these old games with less competition, you increase the chances of someone coming across your content instead of oversaturated games with thousands of people all streaming the same thing.

Studio Tour:

Everyone wants to see what their favorite streamers set up. A behind-the-scenes tour is a great way to show your viewers what a professional stream setup looks like. There is a ton of potential content to show your viewers between microphones, lights, streaming/gaming computers, desks, and chairs.

IRL Live Stream:

Playing games is fun, but sometimes the same setting day in and out can get boring for people. Streaming IRL gives you the chance to stream on the go while taking your viewers on an adventure with you. Some people like to stream on the beach while they hike or walk around the town.

IRL streaming allows you to talk with your viewers one on one. Not to mention getting up and outside is excellent for your health too!

Talk about the latest news:

This type of content definitely won't be for everyone, but staying current with the latest News provides a ton of potential talking points to chat with your viewers. Some streamers even dedicate their streams to the latest News. If you are the type of person that likes to stay current, a live stream focused on this topic might be something you find entertaining and interesting.

Play an old game

Host a playtime with viewers:

One of the greatest benefits of streaming is the interactivity it provides between you and your audience. Between chatting, subbing, and tipping, there is so much potential for your audience to reach you. You can take this to the next level by scheduling a time for your viewers to play with you.

You can even turn this into a subscription benefit. Many streamers have a dedicated Discord for subscribers where on certain days, viewers can queue to play with their favorite streamers. It's a fantastic way to get your audience involved and provides an unparalleled level of engagement.


If you have an established community, they no doubt want to get to know you more. Hosting a Q&A so your viewers can ask you questions is an awesome way to get your audience involved. Between your advice to start streaming, the gear and equipment you use, and what made you interested in streaming, you'll find there is no shortage of questions your audience wants to know!


If you're passionate about a specific topic or trend, your audience may find it interesting to interview someone knowledgeable about it. We've seen game developers, artists, musicians, and so many other people come on to Twitch to talk about their passions. If something is of interest to you or your audience, considering talking about it with a professional!

Host a playtime with viewers


If you are interested in the art of cooking, there is definitely an audience for it! Creating a great meal takes a lot of time, effort, and preparation. But it also gives you a ton to talk to your community about while you cook!

Music Stream:

If you are a talented musician, streaming yourself playing music can be a terrific way to show off your talents. The music and performing arts section on Twitch is a massive platform for artists. Artists can interact directly with fans, grow their brand, and make additional income via live streaming. Many artists that already live stream find that by interacting directly with viewers, they can build an engaged fan base that will support them via donations and subscriptions.

Charity Stream:

The rise of live streaming is giving charities new ways to raise money. It is now common for charities to partner with streamers to collect donations from thousands of loyal viewers. Charity streaming is so popular that Twitch has raised over $75 million for various organizations since 2012.

Charity streaming is a fantastic way to give back to a good cause while getting your audience involved to make a real difference.