Do’s and don’ts when networking and socializing both on stream

Building your brand as a creator can be stressful, but it’s important to respect everyone else. As a streamer, you must hold yourself to the highest professional standards. Even if you don’t, your viewers will.

As you create more videos and perfect your craft, you’ll start to see an increase in your viewerbase. While many love to compare viewer counts, it’s important to remember that streaming is not a competition. It is also sometimes easy to forget that each viewer is a real person and not just a statistic. At the end of the day, your success as a streamer depends on how well you interact with your audience. Mutual respect for both your fellow streamers and viewers will go a long way to building your community.

The streaming industry is young and the decisions you make today will help shape this space in the years to come and inspire new streamers who come after. Take some time to think about how you want the community to see you. What values do you incorporate into your stream? Do you have a character trait or persona that sets you apart from your peers?

Streaming community guideline items

Community Guidelines

There are countless communities in the streaming world. Each platform offers something a little different from the rest and attracts a wide variety of audiences. Since there is no checklist that can accurately accommodate every community out there, you should make sure to review and follow the official guidelines for each platform.

Reading these guidelines may seem tedious and boring, but this will make sure you don’t get banned for breaking the rules. These guidelines can apply to both your streams and chat.

Here are the community guidelines for some of the more popular streaming platforms:

It’s also important to remember that while platforms may not enforce their rules on conversations held outside of their platforms, if your inappropriate behavior reflects poorly on their brands, they may remove your status as an affiliate/partner and ban you. Therefore, make sure to consider your actions online and offline carefully.

Do's and Don'ts

Apart from these hardline rules, you should also be aware of the unsaid do’s and don’ts of networking and socializing when live streaming. This applies to both your viewers and fellow streamers.

Below are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to networking and socializing on streaming platforms.


Respect other streamers and other creators

In the words of a famous philosopher, "When there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness."

Be authentic

Bring your true self to the stream. Only you can be the best version of yourself. Holding up facades is exhausting, and over time, you are doing your community a disservice. Be you! Are you goofy? That's great! Do you tend to ramble? Maybe your community is into it. Listen to odd music? Bring it! Just be yourself!

Become a presence

Be on and alert. Sit upright. Smile and project as you talk. This comes with confidence, and you will develop it over time. It may seem tempting to slump and be quiet when you have zero viewers. Resist that temptation. You never know when someone enters your stream. Give them energy when they join.

Stay positive

Stay positive in your game. Stay positive as you go through the days, even with zero viewers. Stay positive when someone makes a stab at you in chat or on social media.

Engage with your chat

Talk to them. Ask them questions. Participate in the conversation. Don’t be shy! Engaging with your chat helps build a sense of comradery within the community. If your viewers feel like your stream is a place they can go to hang out with their friends, more people will join in.

Carry yourself professionally

Act in a way that your future self and your community will be proud of. It's easy to do things on impulse in the moment. Impulse can be great, but it's crucial to think about any negative-related emotions that may arise and try to stay disciplined. You should act in a way that your future self, who has a caring community, a sponsor, and an image, will approve.

Show gratitude

Thank people for donations, follows, subscriptions. We can all do with more genuine appreciation in our life, especially to the people supporting you. Respond with gratitude, not entitlement. Say thank you!


Disrespect your opponents

Try not to trash talk in a way that you’d regret in the future, you are building your brand, after all.

Copy others

Don’t create someone else’s content. You can find inspiration from your fellow creators that you admire, but don’t copy them. Do something that shows who you are and do it as well as you can. There’s no point being a copycat of another streamer. Be yourself.

Be late

If you say you will stream from 1-5pm, honor your commitment and go live at 1pm. If you need to prepare for your stream, start that before 1pm. Honor your commitments. Everything matters, and it all adds up. By not showing up on time, you are signaling to the people waiting for you that they are not a priority.


Do not ask a streamer in their channel or invite their audience to follow or subscribe to you. When you join some other channel, act like a viewer. Do not self-promote in another streamer’s channel without being asked by said streamer first.

Ask for a Host or Raid

It is considered extremely rude to ask a streamer in their channel for a Host or Raid. This sets you up to look desperate to those you’re trying to latch onto. Don’t invite them to hang out and play with you while they are live. Ask them via a direct message or by @’ing them in their community discord.

Ask for collab on first interaction

Don’t propose a collaboration on your first interaction with a fellow creator. Get to know your streamer and build a genuine connection first. If you have chemistry and the same values, it’ll happen naturally.

Use @everyone and @here

Don’t use mass @’ing to notify your audience when you go live. You going live should be a common event and your server has likely suppressed them anyway. As a viewer or even fellow streamer, having to go through 100+ @everyone’s or @here’s gets annoying.

What you should and shouldn't do while streaming

This is not a comprehensive list by any means. The best general advice we can give is to keep your ego in check and put yourself in the shoes of others. What do you think they want? Nobody wants to follow or socialize with someone who believes that they're better than others.

Everyone wants to have a real connection and make friends in the streaming world. When they meet someone who shares similar interests, they have a buddy to game, stream and cross-promote with. They want someone genuine that understands them and can grow together.

The average viewer wants energy and entertainment. Entertainment and energy can come from your gameplay, your appearance on screen, or your interaction with chat. Everyone wants something tailored to their interests — whether it's a sheer display of skill or to hear your point of view.