Charity Streaming Bonus

Fundraise for charity and make a difference

We’ve talked about how to network with your peers and engage with your viewer community in the past few chapters, but what about the larger community? As a creator, you have the influence and ability to make a real difference. One of the best ways to do so is to start a live stream for charity.

The rise of live streaming has given charities new ways to raise money. It is now common for charities to partner with streamers to collect donations from thousands of loyal viewers. Charity streaming is so popular that Twitch has raised over $75 million for various organizations since 2012.

Streaming Fundraise

Tips for Charity Streaming

  • Create a campaign. Create campaigns directly with your charity of choice or through a platform like Tiltify or Streamlabs. By creating a campaign, you can give viewers the confidence they need to know where their funds are going and allow them to receive the appropriate tax-exemption letters.
  • Create a team. Charity streaming can be a great way to collaborate with your fellow peers and raise money for a good cause. Fundraising is a fundamentally social activity, and when more people can participate in the event it will be more fun, and more impactful. In fact, the largest live stream fundraisers of all time have all been team events.
  • Promote your event. Make sure to promote your event across all your social media platforms in advance and share any incentives you have for donations.
  • Start early. Go live just a little before the official start time of your event to warm up, get settled in, and give viewers a chance to join before the action starts. This is especially useful when you’re doing collaborative fundraising.
Tips for charity streaming

How to Start Your First Charity Live Stream

Starting a live stream fundraising event on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook is a simple process with Streamlabs.

    Step by step to start streaming for charity
  1. Create an account.
  2. Step by step to start streaming for charity
  3. Make a list of streamers you would be interested in working with.
  4. Step by step to start streaming for charity
  5. Come up with ideas or concepts for potential collaborations.
  6. Step by step to start streaming for charity
  7. Follow and engage with streamers on their channels.
  8. Step by step to start streaming for charity
  9. Reach out to them and propose a collaboration.

Create an account

Charity streaming account

Before you start fundraising, you must first create a new Streamlabs Charity Account. To create an account, enter a username, email, and password and sign up. Alternatively, you can sign up with your Twitch, Facebook or YouTube account.

Get started

by signing up now!

After you sign up, you’ll receive our welcome email to verify your email and allow you to start your first campaign. When you sign up with your social login, you will need to make sure your Twitch/Facebook/YouTube account’s email is verified.

Fundraise charity streaming

Start a campaign

Once you have browsed our selection of registered charities, you can click on the "Fundraise" button to start your charity campaign.

You will now be able to name your campaign, add a description, select the date you’d like your campaign to go live, and set a donation goal.

After you’ve successfully entered your information, click on "Create Campaign."

You will then be taken to your profile page to view and manage every charity campaign you’ve scheduled.

When you are ready for your charity fundraising event to go live, click "Publish."

Charity Livestream Campaigns

Invite collaborators

You can also invite others to join your fundraising campaign and share a donation page, stream alerts, donation goal, and leaderboard.

To invite team members, just click on the invite icon.

Click to invite team members

Fill out your team’s fundraising details and set the team as Public or Private. If you set the team to Public, anyone will be able to join, but if it’s private only the people you invite by email will be able to join.

Invite people to join your charity team

Once your team is created and you’ve linked your account, everyone on your team will be able to share a team donation goal overlay, and donation alerts.

Share your charity tip page

After you’ve published your campaign, you will see your charity tip page, where viewers can donate to your campaign and view the total fundraising goal. Don’t forget to share your tip page!

Share your charity tip page

Charity Alerts

Want charity stream alerts? Link your Streamlabs account to any published campaign.

Head to the dashboard on and view your integration settings. Link your Streamlabs Charity Account, and you’ll now be able to customize charity alerts in the alert box settings.

Charity alerts

Now you are ready for your first charity stream!