Chapter 15: Summary


The compiled content of this book is derived from the opinions, experiences, and insights of those in the streaming industry. Thus, by reading this, you agree that neither Streamlabs nor any related entity is liable for the success or failure of your venture. Nothing here has been endorsed by any streaming platform, company, or other entities.

1. Find the “Why” Behind Your Desire as a Creator

While it is perfectly fine to stream as a hobby, if you want to pursue it as a career, you really need to reflect on it. Why do you want to create, and do so continuously in the foreseeable future? Make sure to write this down someplace where you can easily read it when you need a reminder.


2. Have a Step-by-Step Process Towards Your Goal

Make sure that your goal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based), and highly consider placing smaller goals that lead to your main one. You should write this one down too, preferably in the same place as your answer to the “why” question mentioned previously.

3. Don’t Wait, Start Now

If you keep putting it off, you won’t be able to achieve your dream of being a creator. Reevaluate what’s stopping you and focus on doing, not on dreaming.

4. Use the Tools You Have and Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes

By tools, we mean the statistics and data that you produce when you stream. Notice that on some particular days you’re getting plenty of views, while on others not getting much at all? Reflect on what you think caught your viewers’ attention and what could be driving them away. Make the necessary changes to ensure your success.


5. Be Kind and Be Proactive With Collaborations And Gifts

There’s a lot of hate in the world, so be a beacon by being kind and genuine to your followers. Top streamer Valkyrae also advises that you should be sharing communities with other streamers or other fans. Overall, if you are being good to others, the favor will certainly be returned one way or another.

6. Events and Conferences May Be Good Opportunities, But Are Costly

Consider your budget as usually these gatherings require some form of payment, and if they don’t give you what you want, then it would be considered wasteful. Think carefully on the return of investment, and remember that there are always other ways to grow your audience.

7. Invest in Your Set-Up, Especially if You’re Gaming

The worst thing that could happen in the middle of your stream is your computer shutting down because it couldn’t handle the game. It’s recommended to get large and/or multiple monitors that optimize refresh rate. As for the PC, take note of how much GPU and RAM it has. It might be in need of an upgrade.


8. Check How You Look on Camera

It might be tempting to just stream and not care about how you look on camera, but while you don’t have to put on makeup, good lighting and a clear view of your face are essential. Your energy and personality shine better if you can keep a good eye level to your viewers.

9. Use Streamlabs Desktop to Streamline Your Set-Up

With Streamlabs Desktop, you can set up alerts and get a chatbot online to moderate your chat, since any viewer that comes in can be a troll. Besides this, consider setting up on multiple platforms, including mobile, to reach as many people as possible with your stream.

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10. Create Strong Branding Through Aesthetics

Professional streamers have invested in graphics and overlays, so you should as well. Remember also that what you decide to be your stream name, title, and the like would be what you carry with you to success, so make sure to think hard on it. As they always say, first impressions last.

11. Streaming Is About Building a Community

It is not an understatement to say that the community is everything to a streamer. Thus, you should always pay attention to the chat box and acknowledge as many as you can, especially those that financially support you. Engagement is key, changing a casual viewer to a regular follower. However, also take note that some do prefer lurking, so be mindful of how you engage.


12. If You’re Gaming, Game to Win

No one wants to watch bad plays and losses all the time, even if they are played for humor. If you are playing casually and want to improve, consider checking out these tips, depending on your genre:

  • FPS: Frame rates are vital, especially when every movement counts. Consider playing in practice mode if you aren’t too confident in ranked matches.
  • MOBA: Make sure to specialize in multiple characters, but pick one distinct character your audience would remember you for. Always play as a team, and use your abilities wisely.
  • RTS: The economy is your friend here, and if you have money to spare, use it wisely. Since this is real time, timing your attacks is integral to success.

13. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Since this career entails long hours sitting down, it is imperative to keep yourself fit and healthy. You can craft goals in the same way that you do with your creator ones, and don’t forget the essentials such as drinking enough water, eating a balanced diet, and sleeping enough hours. At the same time, recognize that negativity and toxicity are going to be a given, so make sure to keep your mental health healthy too!

14. Advice From Pro Streamers: Respect Is Key

Top streamer Crendor advises fellow streamers to have a positive attitude, which extends to your viewers, collaborators, and fellow players and other streamers. He also talks about making sure you be yourself, but uniquely yourself, rather than trying to parrot what other people are doing. You want people to talk about you positively, not negatively.


15. Consistency and Discipline Are Vital

While breaks are important, you have to be careful not to become lazy or too stagnant. Skipping a day may eventually lead to skipping an entire week if you’re not careful, so you have to make sure to keep your priorities in check.

16. Don’t Overextend, Celebrate the Little Accomplishments

Remember that step-by-step goal list? Treat yourself to a little something when you reach one of them, for you have already taken one step further than others in the same path as you. Keep your pace gradual, and you will be sure to make it in the end.

17. Embrace Constructive Criticism

Seek it out when you feel ready for it, though sometimes the needed truth will come at you when you don’t expect it. Nonetheless, take it as a blessing and use it as a means to steel yourself and learn from it. Open-mindedness is key to growth.


18. All Related Action, No Matter How Small, Leads to Progress

Try your best to avoid putting things off and do what needs to be done for the success of your goals. Even if it appears scary or intimidating, little steps forward are still better than standing still.

19. Reach Out to Other Forms of Income

Streaming is just one aspect where you can earn from. Remember when we talked about how streaming is all about a community? That also means that this community will support you through donations, merchandise; the possibilities are limitless. As you become more popular, you will be able to utilize more ways to earn. Be careful of those that might exploit you, and make sure to think ahead for the long-term rather than the short-term. Your viewers and supporters have your back!

We appreciate you investing the time to learn more about the live streaming space and hope that you’ve learned a lot! If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at [email protected].

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