Helpful Resources


Expert-led guidance, content, and tools to help you become a successful streamer


Twitch statistics and analytics


Social Blade is great for finding stats and analytics for Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more.


Useful live streaming tools and resources


Great list of tools and Twitch extensions for streamers with instructions


Everything from graphics, spornsors, extensions, podcasts, celebrity streamers and more

7. Reddit

Find just about anything live streaming related straight from streamers themselves

8. NerdOrDie

Great resource for variety of graphics. NerdOrDie is also in the Streamlabs App Store


Excellent guides for all streaming platforms

10. OBS

OBS is open-source software and has some great resources to help start streaming to Twitch

11. Pretzel

Pretzel is a great tool for copyright free music that you can use while streaming

12. Xsplit

Another great streaming software which has a ton of resources for live streaming

13. Vimeo

Vimeo provides great resources for live streaming as well as virtual events

14. Dacast

If your content is business or education based, Dacast might be a good streaming tool to check out

15. YouTube

If you plan to live stream on YouTube, you might check out their full set of resources here

16. StreamScheme

If you’re past the beginner stage of streaming and want to learn more advanced tips, check out