Stream on TikTok from PC

Stream easily from Streamlabs Desktop to your TikTok account.

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The creator Halite's vertical mobile screen is showing with Streamlabs and TikTok logos.

Effortlessly stream to TikTok using the power of Streamlabs Desktop

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Use Dual Output to stream to TikTok + your favorite horizontal platforms

Experience the power of Dual Output! Stream in vertical and horizontal layouts simultaneously. Easily tailor each layout’s resolutions, scenes, and sources to create a seamless streaming experience.

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Image of OBS user interface featuring the creator Halite using the Streamlabs Dual Output feature to stream to multiple horizontal and vertical platforms.
Image of Streamlabs Desktop user interface where a user sets up multistream to more than one streaming platform. The image shows creator Halite's tags and a toggle "on" for the TikTok and Twitch platforms.

Multistream to two platforms for free

Multistream to two platforms for free when you have TikTok as one of the destinations.

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Easily stream to TikTok from your PC

Applying for access to stream on TikTok is no stress — just follow these four steps.

Open Streamlabs Desktop

Open Streamlabs Desktop and log in to begin adding your platforms of choice for your stream.

Choose TikTok as your platform of choice

If it is your first time streaming, choose TikTok from the list of platforms. If you’re already signed in, go to your stream settings, choose TikTok as a platform, and click “Connect.”

Apply for access

Select TikTok as your streaming destination, and we’ll guide you through the application process. TikTok will begin reviewing your application shortly after.

Set your title & game & go live!

After you apply for access, you will receive a notification from TikTok about your eligibility to live stream to their platform upon review. Once approved, you can go live immediately!

It was literally so FREE to set up Dual Output on Streamlabs Desktop to stream to TikTok. This is essential knowledge for a career in content.

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Image of Streamlabs Desktop user interface while streaming