AR Face Masks based on Twitch’s most popular emotes

A few weeks ago, Twitch and Streamlabs announced a new Twitch extension that helps streamers grow their Tier 2 and Tier 3 subs by letting their viewers apply 29 Twitch exclusive Face Masks to their face cams when they cheer Bits or sub at Tier 2 or 3.

How viewers apply Face Masks with the extension

The early results are promising as viewers are engaging in Face Masks to the point that streamers with the extension are seeing significant increases in Bits and Tier 2 and 3 subs.


If you’d like to get started, you can follow our detailed tutorial here or follow these instructions if you’re a Twitch Affiliate or Partner:

  1. Click Face Mask Settings in Streamlabs OBS. If you don’t have Streamlabs OBS, you can get it here.
Click on the mask icon to open settings

2. Enable Face Masks and Subscriber Masks

Toggle these 2 settings to “On” and click Save

3. Install the Twitch Face Masks Extension

Face Mask Extension

4. Click Manage Permissions

Click “Manage Permissions”

5. Grant the extension access to subs and Bits

Toggle all permissions to “on”

6. Activate the extension, and enjoy!

Go live and viewers will be able to apply Face Masks when they sub and gift subs at the top tiers.

If you’re not a Twitch Partner or Affiliate, you can set up Face Masks to be applied from donations by following the instructions here. If you need any help getting started, please reach out to us on Discord.

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