We’re betting that you can double your top-tier sub revenue with them as well.

Here’s why this is awesome for you:

  1. For Your Viewers: Face Masks offer new value and more rewards for top-tier subscriptions. More value for them equals more top-tier subs and lower cancellation rates (which equals more cash for your channel).
  2. For Streamers: Face Masks provide a more entertaining and engaging stream for your viewers. It’s a new way to engage with your fans and interact with your audience.

How do my viewers apply a Face Mask?

This is all possible through the newly created Face Mask Twitch Extension. Once the streamer installs the extension, there are a couple of ways for a viewer to apply a Face Mask:

  1. Become a subscriber: Tier two and three subscribers will unlock up to 24 Twitch exclusive Face Masks (12 for each tier). Viewers can apply a Face Mask whenever they first subscribe, resub, or use bits.
  2. Use Bits: Tier two and three subscribers can use bits to apply any of the Face Masks that they have unlocked from their subscription. Two Twitch exclusive Face Masks are available for free to all users when sending bits regardless of their subscription status.

In addition to the 26 exclusive Twitch Face Masks, one original Streamlabs Face Masks mask is available for free for users regardless if they are sending bits or donating through Streamlabs.


How do streamers opt-in to Face Masks?

In order to opt-in, a Twitch Partner or Affiliate must do the following:

  1. Head to Streamlabs OBS and click on Face Mask Settings.
Click on the mask icon to open Settings.

2. Enable Face Masks and Subscriber Masks

Toggle these 2 settings to “On” and click Save

3. Install the Twitch Face Mask Extension


4. Manage your Permissions to grant the extension access to subs & bits.

Click “Manage Permissions”
Toggle all permissions to “on”

5. Activate the extension, and enjoy!


You’re now ready to go live. Viewers will be able to apply Face Masks for when they sub and gift subs at the top tiers.

How do I get more masks?

Viewers that love the extra entertainment and engagement that Face Masks provide will be happy to know that 70 additional Face Masks are available through the regular Face Mask donation method.

Each time a viewer donates to a steamer they receive points towards unlocking another random mask. If you’d like to speed up the process you can optionally buy Mask Crates from the streamers face mask donation page.

Face Masks brings viewer interaction and engagement to a whole new and personal level, and we know you are going to love it. For streamers, this integration will provide you with yet another way to turn your passion for live streaming into a full-time occupation.

Which mask are you most excited to use? Follow us on Twitter, and let us know!

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