SciFi by OWN3D.TV is a space-inspired overlay theme that captures the classic feeling of science fiction in gaming and film. Using clean HUD elements intended to give the appearance of a live interface, SciFi comes with animated scenes, transitions, and alerts.

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What assets does the package come with?

With this package, you will receive our animated overlay, animated webcam overlay, animated starting, pause, and ending banners, an animated talking banner. This package also comes with all of your alerts, including new subscriber, followers, donations, and more. Plus, custom sounds to fit the theme, as well as an animated scene transition.


What is the design inspiration?

Space travel and combat, in particular, have fascinated humanity for generations, creating all sorts of art, and gaming is no exception. There are few settings as present or impactful on gaming as space. With the SciFi design, we wanted to create the feeling of space travel or combat as it has been seen in sci-fi gaming and film using clean HUD elements as well as awesome animation. The HUD design elements are intended to give the appearance of a live interface, and the background includes animations of flying through the stars. Ultimately, using this theme, your viewers will find themselves traversing the galaxy as they engage with your stream.

Any other key elements should a user know about this theme?

In creating such a bold design, we wanted to make sure that it did not detract from the content itself. The design is very technical, clean, and, most importantly, thin, leaving the game as the most present element of the stream. Additionally, we wanted the design to fit seamlessly into any space simulator or galactic combat game. We used the blue as the primary color to support the technical style of the design, with red to bring a dynamic feel. We feel that this design combines the technical aesthetic of a HUD with the whimsical feeling of space, while still providing the best possible viewing experience for your fans.

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