Wight Visuals is a motion design studio from Ukraine. We’ve teamed up with them to design overlays in a variety of styles — ranging from classical esports layouts to designs that are truly unique and help you stand out from the crowd.

Today, we are taking a closer look at their Quantum theme package.

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Utilizing dark tones mixed with bright 1980’s inspired purples, Quantum by WightVisuals conveys an atmosphere of retro-futurism while giving your stream a calm and moody ambiance.

Key Things to Know

While this package features a futuristic and dark design and structure, the theme is fairly genre-agnostic and can be used for almost any game.


With fully animated overlays and assets, this theme package includes a stylized and animated webcam frame, live screen with topbar, animated BRB, Stream Starting Soon, Stream Ending Soon, Offline, and Intermission screens, and finally 10 customizable stream labels.


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