In honor of Fortnite Chapter 2 we’re releasing premium Fortnite themed overlay packages courtesy of OWN3D!

Click here to download New World.

What assets does the package come with?

With this package, you will receive our animated overlay, animated webcam overlay, animated starting, pause, and ending banners, an animated talking banner, all the alerts you will need, including new subscriber, follower, donation and more, custom sounds to fit the theme, as well as an animated scene transition.

What is the design inspiration?

This theme was created specifically with Fortnite streamers in mind. Even the name, New World, is a call out to the new world that players enter in Chapter 2. Additionally, the colors and design elements were heavily inspired by the new chapter and season. This mix of vibrant colors and modern design elements fit perfectly with the current Fortnite aesthetic. The alert animations were also inspired by the new in-game achievements so that they can seamlessly interact with what is happening on screen.

Any other key elements should a user know about this theme?

When it comes to designing overlays with particular games in mind, our goal is to pay homage to the game’s aesthetic without distracting from gameplay. With New World, we worked hard to capture the vibrant feel of Fortnite. For us, this theme encapsulates the bright colors and modern, clean vibe that the game is known for, while still standing out enough to provide a great experience for viewers.

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