Streamlabs is proud to collaborate with OWN3D to bring Streamlabs Prime subscribers the very best art assets available for overlay, alert and creator site themes.

Today we are kicking off a new series highlighting the different premium theme packages available with Streamlabs Prime. First up is Celtic by OWN3D.

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Click here to download the Celtic theme package.


What assets does the package come with?

With this package, you will receive an animated overlay, animated webcam overlay, animated starting, pause, and ending banners, an animated talking banner, all the alerts you will need, including new subscriber, follower, donation and more, plus custom sounds to fit the theme, as well as an animated scene transition.

What is the design inspiration?

The Celtic design aesthetic is iconic, at least for a Western audience, because it captures our imagination of a time of legends and heroes, dragons and Vikings, swords and arrows. We see the influence of Celtic design in a lot of fantasy, not just in gaming, but also places like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. In fact, the rotating animations and glows in the theme were inspired by the design used in the Game of Thrones television show. Ultimately, the design invokes an age of legends for streamers whose branding or games have that bold, heroic, epic feel.

What key elements should a user know about this theme?

This theme is created with a lot of love for detail. By utilizing Celtic symbols and patterns, it evokes a bold aesthetic. These patterns can be fairly intricate, so a lot of work goes into making sure that the aesthetic is present, without being too busy on the screen. There are also 3D elements like axes and swords as well as custom sounds to further the feeling of the design and the animations.


This theme is intended to be big and bold and catch both the eye and the imagination. For those streamers looking for something to highlight the epic stories of their adventures in fantastic worlds, this is the theme for you.

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