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May 13, 2021

Melon Announces Integration With Streamlabs

Melon becomes the first free browser-based streaming service with alert functionality

Last Updated on December 01, 2021

Today, Melon is announcing new features and integration with Streamlabs, a leading provider of tools for streamers and creators. Now streamers using Melon get access to additional features to help monetize their streams and improve audience engagement and interaction.

Melon is an easy-to-use browser-based streaming studio that allows creators to go live to all major streaming platforms in just five clicks. Packed with features, Melon allows creators to make gorgeous professional live streams and invite guests without the complicated setup.

With the Streamlabs integration, creators using Melon now get access to tools like tipping functionality, on-screen alerts to recognize their community, and other engagement widgets offered by Streamlabs such as donation goals.

“Using the engagement and monetization tools offered by Streamlabs is a proven formula that helped millions of creators grow,” said George Kurdin, General Manager of Streamlabs. “We are bringing what we’ve learned in serving creators to Melon. Building on that formula, this integration means that creators can take advantage of the additional customization that Streamlabs offers and combine it with the accessibility and power of Melon.”

Features from Streamlabs that creators using Melon can take full advantage of include:

  • Tipping and Analytics: Creators can connect their PayPal account to Streamlabs (takes seconds) and start receiving monetary support from their viewers. Creators can track total tipping volume and revenue growth over time. Melon takes 0% of the funds, so 100% of the donation amount (minus standard payment processing fees) will go from the viewer to the streamers.
  • Alerts: On-stream real-time alerts are a fundamental aspect of any live stream and now streamers can add an alert box when they broadcast from Melon. The tools from Streamlabs allow for the deepest customization on the market so that the streamer can create alerts that match their brand. All platform-specific alerts will work on Melon. For example, streamers on YouTube will receive alerts for SuperChats, YouTube Members, etc., while streamers on Twitch will receive alerts for new followers and subscribers, and streamers on Facebook will receive alerts for stars. With Alerts, Melon now has the deepest customization options to make your live stream uniquely yours.
  • Donation Goal Widget: Streamers on Melon can now also add a donation goal widget to their stream. This widget tracks the total number of tips sent to the streamer so that viewers can see their contribution going towards you and the stream. When the entire community rallies behind a common clear goal — great things happen!

New Features Available on Melon

In addition to integrating with Streamlabs, Melon is receiving a significant update in the form of new native features.

  • Full HD Screen Share Option — Pro: Streamers on the free plan can share their screen in 720p while members of Melon’s Pro plan get HD screen share capability that allows you to stream your screen in 1080p high definition quality.
  • Nine Guests — Pro: Streamers with Melon Pro can add up to nine guests to their stream.
  • Recording Capabilities — Pro: Record and stream at the same time, or just record without going live. Access all of your video files in Melon and upload them to your platform of choice.
  • Greenscreen functionality: Melon greenscreen functionality allows you to upload your own background image or choose from four default backgrounds. Adjust the background intensity to best capture your outline and pick whether you are using a blue or green screen.
  • Stereo Sound for Screen Share — While other browser-based streaming services force sound into mono, musicians, and artists using Melon now outputs audio in stereo, meaning your audience hears your music the way it was intended.
  • Separate Audio and Video Tracks — Pro: For a better editing experience, Melon now separates the audio and video tracks in recorded video.
  • Profile Picker: Create up to ten new stream profiles. This is a collection of your stream settings. You can switch between different stream profiles to quickly customize the look and feel of the stream based on your needs.

About Melon

Melon is a browser-based live streaming studio built by the team at Streamlabs. Creators can make a professional broadcast with ease and go live to their favorite platforms with just five clicks. There is no complicated setup and nothing to install for you or your guests. Everything is hosted on best-in-class cloud infrastructure so that you, your guests, and your community can have an incredible show. Packed with features and supported with a 24/7 customer success team, Melon is built from the ground up to help you create great personalized live content.

About Streamlabs

Founded in 2014, Streamlabs is a leading provider of tools for professional streamers and creators. Its innovative advancement in streaming software, Streamlabs Desktop, offers dozens of features that professional live streamers use to broadcast, better engage with their fans, grow audiences, and improve monetization. Streamlabs is a brand of Logitech International. Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI).

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