With Creator sites, you can easily add a professional website to your streaming profile. Creator Sites will aggregate your content across all of the supported platforms in one place and display it in an attractive, professional-looking template.

Live streamers are unique in that their online persona is their brand. Showing that off to potential sponsors and community members can be difficult when your brand is split between several different online platforms. We built Creator Sites to give streamers a way to consolidate their online brand, monetize their stream, and grow their online business. With Creator sites, you give your community a one-stop-shop to see of all the important information you want them to see.

Today, we are going to show how to create the perfect website using Creator Sites.

Getting Started

Creator Sites is a product of Streamlabs Prime. To publish your website and pick a custom domain, you will need to subscribe to Streamlabs Prime. However, to make sure a website is something you’d like to invest in, we do give everyone the option to completely customize a draft website so you know exactly what the final product will look like.

To edit your website, log in to Streamlabs.com and click on “Website”.


This will take you to the main Creator Sites editor page. Now, we’ll go through each category circled in red below to help you customize your website.

Creator Sites Editor Page


We have top designers like Nerd or Die, Visuals by Impulse, Own3d, and more creating new themes for Creator Sites every week. There are currently over 400 themes for Creator Sites in our library.

Click on the image to browse our Creator Site themes

If you need help finding the perfect theme for your brand, you can narrow down your search in a variety of ways.

  1. You can view the most recently added themes or view the most installed themes of all time.
  2. You can search for themes based on the color aesthetic of your brand.

3. Choose from a broad list of categories to help you find something minimalistic, vibrant, or related specifically to games.


4. Your currently published theme will appear here as well. If you’d like to revert back to a previous theme you used, you can click on your “Saved Themes”.



Select a custom web address. With Creator Sites, you can pick your very own custom domain. Having a domain adds professional credibility to your brand and helps your fans easily find your website.

If you already have a domain, you link it here, as well.



When it comes to designing your website there is no coding skills required. Below we will cover the various options you can customize in the design section.

Customizable Design Aspects For Your Website
  1. Sight Design: Allows you to upload an additional background image and toggle on “Immersive Mode”, which will make the content blocks fill out the whole width of your website.
  2. Content Design: The “Section Vertical Padding” option allows you to adjust the verticle padding between content blocks on your website and change the color of the content blocks. Adding a “Component Border” allows you your to define your content blocks by giving them a border. The “Component Corner Radius” allows you to smooth out the edges of your content blocks, giving them a more rounded appearance.
  3. Typography: Allows you to choose the font used in your website. You can pick the heading color and body text color.
  4. Buttons: “Button Variant” lets you choose how you’d like the buttons on your page, like the donation button, to appear. You can choose to have your buttons rounded, sharp, hollow, or filled in with color.
  5. Navigation: The “Background Color” in the navigation section will customize the color at the top of our website where your social media links and links to other important pages (like your tip page) are included. “Logo Position” will change the location of your channel image. The default position is located on the left, or you can choose to move them to the center. “Scroll Position” will let you choose if you’d like your channel image to remain fixed on top of the page and always remain present when people scroll. You can also change the size of your logo and the shape.


The content page allows you to choose what you’d like your viewers to see on your website. You can add multiple pages. For example, some people like their home page to focus on their live stream and have other pages focused on social media, or their merch store.


If you have a Streamlabs Merch Store or enabled Cloudbot, or Media Share, these pages will automatically appear in the “Auto-generated Pages Management” section. From here you can choose whether or not you’d like these to appear as separate pages on your website.


Depending on the theme you chose, certain content modules will already be on your website. If you’d like to add another content block to your website, simply click on the plus sign, choose the design of the modal and drag and drop the content block you’d want onto the page

How to add a content block on your website

Below is a list of just some of the drag-and-drop components available in Creator Sites.


Custom Email

With “Custom Email”, we set up a dedicated mailbox on your custom domain. The mailbox allows you to send/receive emails like a professional. Incoming emails to your new mailbox are forwarded to your current email. To send emails using your new mailbox, you have to add it to an email client such as Gmail.

SEO Settings

In this category, you can customize the header and description that appears on Google when people search for you. This is great for targeting keywords you want your page to appear on when people search for them.


In this category, you can customize the header and description that appears on Google when people search for you. This is great for targeting keywords you want your page to appear on when people search for them.


In the settings category, you can adjust the Stream Chat Sidebar visibility to always remain visible in your embedded live stream or only when you are live. You can also add additional social media handles, and choose which platform you’d like your live stream feed to come from.

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