We’ve been working hard on bringing Streamlabs to different platforms such as YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook. 2017 might be over soon, but at the Streamlabs headquarters, everyone is still working diligently to make streaming better for everyone.

We want to make sure that the “#1 Free Streamer Tool” is available on other platforms as well — we would like to welcome Periscope users to the Streamlabs family! That being said, Periscope users can now collect donations or tips, add alerts, chat box, Credits widget, show off their Super Hearts with the Jar and more to spruce up their streams. Users can set up the integration through the Streamlabs login page.

Welcome aboard, Periscope users!

Periscope is used by people across the globe as they power the live video function on Twitter. The platform offers a different set of contents such as spiritual discussions, political talk shows, live music and more. Their irreplaceable position in the live-streaming industry will expand the diversity of the Streamlabs community. We are excited to see how Periscope users will unleash their creativity through Streamlabs.

Love music? So do we! Check out Stevie the DJ for some awesome #Quality music.
Want to hang man and chill? I don’t see why not!

Excited about sharing your story with the world through Periscope? What are you waiting for? Start streaming now! If you are having issues, you can also use this guide for assistance. Have feedback? We’d love to hear it!

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