We are committed to supporting developers and moving the creator ecosystem forward. To that end, we are investing $1,000,000 in engineers like you to build game-changing apps for the streaming community.

$1,000,000 grant fund for developers on SLOBS app

Everyone is welcome to apply. Those who qualify and ship their app will get a grant during their first week of being live on the Streamlabs App Store, where you will scale and build your business.

What do we ask of you after you launch? Nothing. You maintain rights and complete ownership. Just support your app and make streamers happy.

Brief FAQ below. You can learn more here and here.

What is this?

$1,000,000 grant fund to encourage development of quality apps for broadcasters. Apps are distributed via Streamlabs App Store. The funds are provided by Streamlabs.

What do you hope to achieve?

We hope this will achieve two things:

  1. That the creator space grows thanks to amazing new tools built by you
  2. That developers will be fairly compensated for the work

What do I need to do to apply?

  1. Have an awesome idea and request access here
  2. Build an app that meets these guidelines
  3. Pass app review and deploy your app

Are funds guaranteed for everyone who builds an app?

  • No. Building an app does not guarantee a grant. Grants are distributed at our discretion based on value to streamer, app quality, and polish.

You can get SLOBS here and check out some of the apps that are live today.

Thanks a ton for the support and feedback so far, especially when it comes to helping developers grow.

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